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My name is Saeed Abdel Haleem and my nickname is (SASA) ... I am a lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Science I love football, drawing and football statistics And I designed a computer program that classifies players according to their performance and hounors and the extraction of reports to describe the greatest and the best Before I started the program, I thought that Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo were the greatest in football, but when I finished designing the program in 2015 I found that Zidane was in the number 20 ranking and the phenomenon in the number 15 ranking, but now the phenomenon is number 20 ranking and Zidane number 25 ranking because there are five stars who have been able to overtake them, Many players have been found to be oppressed in media and forgotten, but their statistics talk about them The program contains more than 50,000 players from 236 countries from the 6 continents and includes 2,000 clubs around the world since 1890 so far

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